The allure of the California Dream reverberates across the world and Visit California invests heavily on behalf of the industry to draw travelers from around the globe.


Visit California doubled its marketing investments and now has the power to dive deeper into international markets. In FY15/16, the team expanded into new markets. In China, California’s No. 1 overseas market, Visit California opened three new offices in Chengdu, Taipei and Guangzhou, joining established offices in Shanghai and Beijing. Visit California also hosted its first booth at Arabian Travel Market (ATM) in Dubai, UAE, as part of an effort to further explore the Middle East market.


Visitors: 1.5Million (2015p)

Spend: $2.1B (2015p)

Visit California made further inroads in Canada in FY15/16, investing in more co-opportunities than ever before, an effort made possible by the Dream Big Dividend.

Mexico Air

Visitors: 571,000

Spend: $553Million

California has always been a key destination in the Mexico market and with substantial increase in airlift over the past 18 months into nine California airports. Operators and agents are eager to learn more about Beyond the Gateways offerings. Travel trends forecast that there is a growing interest in experiential travel opportunities in California, including outdoor adventures. Current trends include four-day or extended weekend trips to the Golden State, due to its proximity.


Visitors: 225,000

Spend: $452Million

Visit California shored its foundational programming to position for success when Brazil’s economy recovers, monitoring news coverage and adjusting its approach accordingly.

United Kingdom

Visitors: 761,000

Spend: $1B

The United Kingdom continues to be a leading international market for California. With more than 85 percent of United Kingdom visitors having traveled to California, there is an opportunity to expand return travels beyond the gateway cities.


Visitors: 462,000

Spend: $756Million

The United States remains the top overseas destination for German travelers, and growth continues with new airlift in the last year. Germans’ desire to travel has also increased as more travelers feel financially secure and have available time to take a holiday.


Visitors: 466,000

Spend: $821Million

France continues to be one of California’s leading international markets and has grown exponentially in the last five years, rising from 15 percent to 27 percent. In FY15/16, Visit California had the resources to attend larger events and conduct outreach to French travelers outside Paris.


Visitors: 176,000

Spend: $277Million

California’s natural landscapes made a large splash in Italy in FY15/16, with Visit California touting the state’s national parks in honor of the 2016 National Parks Centennial, coinciding with the Golden State’s Year of the Outdoor. California continues to be a natural travel destination for Italians, who are also


Visitors: 288,000

Spend: $513Million

New airlift options from Scandinavia to California have emerged in the last two years, increasing travel opportunities to the Golden State. The United States has remained the top overseas destination for Scandinavian visitors and among Europeans, Scandinavians are the highest spenders in California.


Visitors: 1.1Million

Spend: $2.8B

Visit California opened three new offices in FY15/16 –Chengdu, Guangzhou and Taipei – joining the established teams in Shanghai and Beijing to form a network of five offices across greater China.


Visitors: 302,000

Spend: $552

India is a growing market for California with FY15/16 marking the installation of the first nonstop flight from India into California. Indian travelers are the sixth largest spenders on hotels abroad, with many demanding higher-end accommodations for comfortable and enriched experiences.


Visitors: 581,000

Spend: $1.1 Billion

Overseas travel remains popular with Japanese consumers, and with 11 nonstop weekly flights into California, travelers have plenty of opportunity to explore the state. California is a natural fit for Japanese travelers of all ages, who choose to seek locations offering magnificent scenic views or zekkei.

South Korea

Visitors: 455,000

Spend: $1.1 Billion

Korean outbound travel is equivalent to 36 percent of the population – one of the highest ratios is the world. The Korean travel market is very seasonal with peak travel times in summer, winter and around two main holidays, at which times airfares increase significantly and seats are limited.


Visitors: 634,000

Spend: $980 Million

New airlift service in FY15/16 boosted travel from Australia to California, with Qantas Airlines Ltd. redeploying Sydney to SFO service six times per week and American Airlines adding a Sydney to LAX flight in December 2015.